Thursday, 2 March 2017

Introduction to International Maritime Organization Ambassador

An International Maritime Organization Ambassador is a spokesperson, supporter or a representative for maritime and seafaring profession. The member government and international organization identifies IMO Maritime Ambassadors by selecting the ambassador to promote the maritime and seafaring profession and raise awareness of the positive benefits of choosing a career at sea or other things that related to maritime.

IMO Maritime Ambassadors are encouraged to inspire and share their knowledge and passion about the world of maritime with others, especially towards young people that staring out on their further education, apprenticeships and career pathways.

The IMO Ambassador can inspire young people to consider their career path whether at sea or in the maritime industries. The objective is to reach new target audiences and inspire a new generation of maritime experts and seafarers.

IMO ambassador can share their knowledge and experience in many ways. Below are the examples on how IMO Ambassador can advocate young people to chose maritime field as their career path.

  • Visit Local Youth groups or other local community groups to deliver a presentation highlighting the importance of the maritime industry.
  • Have a stand or give a talk at a local career forum, community fair or other local event.
  • Visit local schools and further education colleges.
  • Engage with local radio, television, or newspapers; offer a "day-in-the-life" view of the Maritime Ambassador's profession.
  • Give interviews or provide video clips and information about entry routes and the different seafaring education and training programmes.
  • Write in to local or national newspaper when a story raises issues which touch on the maritime world, tell them your story "as a maritime professional".

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