Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Meeting and Experiencing the Borneo Riverine Trip

SARAWAK: Captain Nazri, (right) with Dato' Jailani Jalal(second to right), Pengarah Hal Ehwal Pelaut dan Pelabuhan, with local port officers. Captain Nazri and Dato' Jailani meeting the local seafarers to improvise their competency. One of the objectives of this meeting is that to meet the potential youngster to promote the seafaring career, so that they can be motivated and inspired to choose seafaring as their career path. Also another purpose is to search for new opportunities for marine related career. Consequently, this meeting is to support the local tourism, needs efficient and effective mode of transport. The boat as seen in the picture is an express boat, which is the main transport of Sarawak when traveling using the river.

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